I started this blog after feeling really nostalgic for mid-late 2000s websites, where the main focus was life updates, making cool edits/graphics and having lots of online pals. I also keep forgetting to write long form blog posts, whereas smaller format posts are a lot easier for me. I've also become quite content with the way my main portfolio site looks/operates and don't really have much to add or change, so I decided to build stars. I miss the process of making blog layouts, sharing creations and having a less 90s style/vapour type site (i still love those though!). This style of site was big when I first got into blogging/coding and photoshop, so it also feels like a more natural style for me to tend towards and I find myself having more cohesive ideas. I hope you enjoy what I've got here and am happy to have built a place for me to share graphics/resources I create (even if this is only once in a blue moon!).

site stats

  • Site Name: Stars
  • Main Site: Cepheus
  • URL: cepheus.xyz/stars
  • Opened: 27/11/21
  • Category: personal blog
  • Layout Version: 1.0 - 'The Sunken Dark'
  • Layout Featuring: Roses; model with skeletal face.
  • Layout Credits: K Sikkema, B Doğan, C Gregory, A Acea.
  • Programmes Used: GIMP 2.10 for Mac
  • Best Viewed: desktop PC/Laptop, via Google Chrome or Chromium-based browsers
  • Host: Neocities
  • Blog Script: Blogspot


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Gifted by: Aisha
Date Received: Christmas 2021
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